The IEPCRS Guidelines have not been met.

Based on the answers to the required questions, you do not meet the criteria to apply for the Industrial Essential Personnel Credentialing and Reentry System (IEPCRS).  In order to apply you must meet the following criterion:

  • The facility must be located within Harris County.
  • The facility applying for credentials must store or manufacture hazardous materials.
  • The credential assignee must have a necessity to respond to the applying industrial facility for the purpose of (all of the following):
    • Securing the facility property
    • Assessing for potential airborne and waterborne chemical hazards to fence-line neighbors or other neighboring jurisdictions
    • Mitigating problems resulting from an event requiring area evacuation.

For more information on IEPCRS, please contact:

David Wade
Industrial Liaison
Harris County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management
[email protected]
(713) 881-3100